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For want of a QUARTER...and a word from a friend.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Here at Refuge, we are firm believers in God’s divine appointments! We experience His impeccable timing A LOT! In addition to the divine calendar that only He can schedule, we also believe in the power of word of mouth advertising and personal recommendations. No matter how much work our staff puts into marketing to the public, we still have no better efforts than one friend telling another about the works that God is doing through Refuge.

Here is a story told by a former staff member. This was an encounter from several years ago...

"As was often the case, I would come to the center early to do some work and then open up for the day. This particular morning I had completed what I needed to do and unlocked the door about 10 minutes early. As I was unlocking, a young woman had just reached the front door. When I opened the door I saw the distressed expression on her face and invited her in. She was almost in tears! She couldn’t believe I was here and that we were open.

This is her story: Several weeks earlier this young lady confirmed that she was pregnant. She did not want to have this baby and knew abortion was her only option. At the time, she did not have the money to have one (yes, abortions are expensive). She had to wait to get her paycheck and cash it. The week finally arrived when she had the money. This was the day she set out to have the abortion.

The abortion clinic was in Atlanta. It just so happened that a friend asked her for a ride to the airport for that exact day. “Perfect”, she thought it would give her the excuse to head in the direction of the clinic and give her some cover. She dropped off her friend at the airport and drove over to the clinic. Once arrived at the clinic, she tried to find a parking space and the only ones she could find were metered spaces. Back then they only took quarters to pay for parking. But she did not have any quarters. She frantically searched her car, her purse, her pockets...

NO QUARTERS! She drove around thinking; “what do I do?” She kept circling around trying to figure out what to do. She told me that it “popped” into her head that a friend had told her about Refuge years ago. So she headed back to Conyers.

She arrived in Conyers not knowing where we were located (this was before the days of cell phones & Google). She finally found a location where we once were and someone told her that they thought we moved near the hospital. She kept driving and searching and finally decided to go to the hospital and ask someone there. It just so “happened” that she asked a nurse who had just seen one of our brochures and gave her our address. She got back in her car and drove to our building, parked and walked up to our door just as I was unlocking the door!

We spent a long time together talking, crying and eventually praying. She ultimately decided to keep her baby!

We serve a great and mighty God who loves us and cares about even the smallest details of our lives. Refuge is a place where we witness God working every single day!”

This is a fantastic example of the many divine appointments that God creates here at Refuge. And do you see how many people God used to bring this mother to choose life? You can be used by Him as well. We have been called the “Best kept secret in Rockdale County.” The majority of our client’s say they heard about us from a friend. Please stay at the ready and stay connected with us. You never know when someone, a mother, a father, or anyone you meet may need just a word from you to point them toward a life saving divine encounter.

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