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Baby Bottle

A quarter here, a dollar there…
every cent can make a difference for a LIFE!

There’s no better way for your church, business, or organization to support the ministry of The Refuge Center than with the tried and true baby bottle fundraiser!

Every year, the Baby Bottle Campaign raises more funds than any other fundraiser we have. It is easy, budget neutral and the whole family or office can participate.

Thank you for supporting us through the Baby Bottle Campaign. Your contributions will be used to help families in the Conyers, Rockdale county, Covington, Newton county, Stonecrest, Dekalb county areas provide stability to their famililes.

What is it

What is a Baby Bottle Campaign?

The baby bottle campaign is a fun and easy way to involve people of all ages in your church, family or business to support the Life Affirming ministry of The Refuge Center by filling a baby bottle with coins, currency or checks.

Traditionally the Baby Bottle Campaign is held annually between Mother's Day and Father's day. However, it can be done anytime of the year between January to October to accommodate your church or organization's calendar.

The Refuge Center is 100% community supported. Fundraisers such as the Baby Bottle Campaign have been a significant reason why we have been able to serve families in this community since 1984.

What others are saying...

"We love getting the children involved with the Baby Bottle Campaign every year. The kids really enjoy in and seem so happy that they are helping feed babies with what they collect!" Local Pre-school Director

"Since the pandemic, our church attendance has shrunk. So we have had to cut back on some of our missions funding. But the Refuge Baby Bottle Campaign allows us to still contribute to their ministry while not effecting our church budget. And our church families look forward to it every year." Local Church Pastor

"Thank you Refuge for making it so easy to be a part of the BBC each year. It truly is easy and doesn't require a lot of time and man power for us to donate. We love getting the report of how much our church has donated each year. We try to beat last year's total every time!" Local Church Administrative Assistant

How it works

How BBC Works...


1. Promote!  We provide several promotional ads and a video that may be appropriate for your bulletin, newsletter or Social Media.
2. Distribute Bottles We will deliver the bottles to you prior to the start of your campaign.

3. Remind! Through your regular channels of communication, remind your group of the date to turn in their bottle.  We will have updated graphics and promotional ideas on this site for your use through a Bulletin, Newsletter, Facebook etc.

4. Collect  Please contact us to schedule a pick up time once the majority of your bottles have been returned. There is no need for you to count the change...we will handle that :)

Give On-Line

YES! We do have an on-line option for filling a baby bottle. So many people these days don't fool with cash or coins. We have an way to fill a bottle online here>> ...or click the big PURPLE BUTTON at the top of the page.  (Please indicate BBC and your Church in the memo field)


Now on VENMO @RefugeCenterConyers

The need is ongoing and your support is appreciated more than you can imagine.


Benefiting Families

SINCE 1984

The Refuge Center has been privileged to have served over 65,000 clients since we opened our doors in 1984. We have provided, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, material needs assistance, parenting classes and so much more...all free of charge to our clients. 

Of course all of this would not be possible without the generosity of our friends and supporters like you.


Get involved

Get Involved


While the BBC is simple and can be a BIG benefit to many families, you can get creative and have fun filling those bottles. 

Consider some out of the box thinking, like a bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand. We have had folks fill up baby bottles through VBS missions, friendly competitions with other groups, and so much more. (Consider Boys vs. Girls) The staff at Refuge would love to help. Let us know how we can assist you with your Baby Bottle Campaign!

If you are interested in getting involved with a Baby Bottle Campaign, or have any questions, please contact us here...

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