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“There was no judgement. Just a loving, compassionate, and encouraging ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.”
-a former HEART client


Healing the Effects of Abortion Related Trauma

Losing a child to abortion isn’t easy...
Thousands of women everyday have an abortion.  Unfortunately, for most of us, the Abortion is just the beginning of the pain.  Many women & men try for 10, 15, or even 20 years to cover their secret wounds. We carry these wounds with us everywhere we go.  It clouds every relationship, every experience. 
Emotional pain usually increases and the medical side effects continue to plague us. Just like an infected wound on the flesh, wounds inflicted by abortion, must be cleansed, and given the proper time to heal from the inside out.

How do we know this? Because we have been there too. Refuge has been helping many people recover from the effects of abortion related trauma for over 20 years. We all have our own stories. We have walked the same path.

Refuge offers a place to heal. 
We have a loving and empathetic staff
that will help guide you down the road to healing and redemption.  The H.E.A.R.T program has assisted many to find the peace they so desperately seek.  Our program is one on one, biblically based, in a compassionate and supportive
environment.  No judgement-just healing

Heart help

*Abortion Pill Reversal*

If you have taken the first pill of the two pills required for a medical (or chemical) abortion, and you are regretting your decision. There is a possibility that the process can be stopped and you can save your pregnancy. We have had experience with this process and been successful with helping a mothers.


If you are interested in finding out need to act fast...Go to to begin.

Need someone to talk to?
We are hear to listen.

We strive for complete compassionate confidentiality

Thank you for reaching out to us. A Refuge advocate will contact you soon.

Abortion Pill Reversal
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