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I need a free pregnancy test


Think You Might Be

If you recently missed a period or had unprotected sex and are now wondering if you are pregnant, we can help.


At The Refuge Center, we offer free pregnancy testing services, so you can find out for sure.


We know how scary the thought of pregnancy can be, especially if it came as a surprise. Feeling overwhelmed and panicked is normal; we encourage you to take a deep breath. You’ve got this!!!


We are here to help – you are not alone!


If you would like to receive support and information about your options, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

  • How do I earn items for my baby through the Practical Parenting Classes?
    When you register​ for class, participate in the lesson, submit the lesson homework and other simple tasks, you can earn points that can be redeemed in our Buttons & Bows Boutique, located here at The Refuge Center.
  • Is this class only for first time moms and dads?
    No. Some of our clients already have a child or two. But we have heard that they wish they had taken this class the first time around! But first time parents definitely find the information and lessons extremely beneficial.
  • Are the classes conducted in person or online?
    Currently our Practical Parenting classes are offered online through Brightcourse. (Think of it as Netflix for parenting help). However, to redeem your points for baby care items you will need to set up an in-person shopping appointment with our parenting coordinators.
  • How do I enroll in the Practical Motherhood or Practical Fatherhood course?
    Simply click here and fill out a short form. One of our instructors will contact you within ten business days to set up an orientation and get you started.
  • How long can we be enrolled in the program and earn points?
    You may begin earning points during your pregnancy. The Practical Parenting program has many lessons that can carry you from pregnancy to toddlerhood and beyond. However, due to storage space in our boutique, we have items available for birth to 1 year old babies. Once your child has turned 1 year old and you are no longer earning points, you can still request access to the valuable lessons that our video provides. If you still need material assistance, you can make an appointment to receive a distribution of gently used baby items for your family.
  • Do you have everything that I will need for my baby available in the Boutique?
    All of the items we distribute are provided by the generosity of the community. Therefore, all items are subject to availability. Supplies change weekly.

More Information...

The more you know, the better equipped you are to make a choice about your unique pregnancy situation. 

At Refuge, we have answers about subjects such as Surgical or Chemical Abortion,  Adoption, Parenting, Ultrasounds, Abortion Pill Reversal, and Post Abortion Healing.

Refuge offers you:

  • Accurate and relevant information on all of your options

  • A compassionate, non-judgmental advocate to confidentially speak with right away

  • We offer a safe place with no pressure to consider your options and make an informed decision

  • Our staff includes trained advocates and medical professionals to answer questions you may have

  • Information and help to provide for your child, as well as a network of community service providers to meet any unique need you may have such as food, housing, and further medical attention.

  • All services at Refuge are free of charge. We have no financial stake in pregnancy choice.

  • Schedule your appointment today

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