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Why do I need to have an ultrasound?

"The technician was amazing! She made sure I was comfortable and explained the whole process to me."
-Ultrasound Client

Why do I need to have an


An Ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy is important for a few reasons…

1) Gestational Age- Assessing how far along you are just from the Last Menstrual Period (or LMP) is not always the most accurate indicator. We will be able to give you a more accurate gestational age of the baby from the initial obstetric ultrasound you will receive here at Refuge.

2) Viability of the Pregnancy- 28% of all pregnancies are not viable and will result in miscarriage. An initial obstetric ultrasound is a good first step in ruling that out. If you are considering abortion, you may not need one if you have the 1 in 4 pregnancies that will not be viable.


3) Ectopic Pregnancy- A pregnancy that will result in the live birth of a baby has to implant inside a women's uterus. Some pregnancies may implant outside the uterus. These ectopic pregnancies are life threatening to the woman. In these cases, medical attention from an OBGYN is needed immediately. The only way to detect an ectopic pregnancy is with an obstetric ultrasound.

Once your urine test indicates positive, we will gladly schedule an appointment for a free initial obstetric ultrasound. At that appointment, one of our caring and thorough sonographers will perform your sonogram on a state of the art ultrasound machine here in our office.

Our goal is to give you as much knowledge as possible, so you will be empowered to take the steps forward that are right for you and your child. All of our services are free.

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