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Covid-19-Why are we still open?

We are here to help!

The Refuge Center is a place of compassion and respite. We strive to be a valuable community resource. However, evaluating and managing patients who are sick and may have been exposed to the COVID-19 is beyond the scope of our medical abilities. A pregnancy center’s role is one of triage and referral, not direct medical care.

Currently, there is not much data on how this virus affects pregnant women. Pregnancy is a state of relative immunocompromise compared to the non-pregnant state. This may make pregnant women more susceptible to some infections, including flu viruses. We recommend visiting the web page for more information on how you and your baby can stay safe during these precarious times.

Given the federal recommendations of extreme Social Distancing it may seem questionable why The Refuge Center would even be open during this time. Well we have pondered that question and prayed about it. We feel at this time, now more than ever, our mission to offer support, guidance and education in times of physical, emotional and spiritual need is the reason we will keep our doors open as long as possible.

So how can we help…We are accepting clients by appointment only and on as needed for free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and mother and baby material needs items. We are pre-screening all visitors with health questions related to Covid-19 symptoms as recommended by the CDC. We are limiting access to our physical office by spacing appointment times with no overlap. (only one client at a time)

Today we have several appointments scheduled for various reasons. Our GED and Practical Parenthood coaches are able to work with their students via the internet. Most of our courses and learning material are available through video online.

The current situation of this global pandemic is certainly one wrought with fear and anxiety. The Lord in His word tells us to “fear not” 365 times…one for every day of the year. However, if any of our clients, are facing feelings of concern and need to talk or need prayer we are here. Please feel free to contact us via our website, Our client advocates are monitoring the chat and are here to help. While we cannot reach out physically to give you a hug, we still are here to love on you.

With all these precautions and online systems in place, we are happy to be present and available to assist where we can. Just yesterday, we had a brand-new mom with a newborn reach out to Refuge. She had searched grocery stores in two different neighborhoods and was unable to find formula on any shelves. We were so blessed to be able to supply her with what she needed. And we could not have done that without the generosity of our supporters. Your help has made it all possible. And when we come out the other side of this, trends have shown us that there will be an abundance of “Quaranteenies” or “Coronials” expected by the end of this year.

Photo Credit: Massey

Stay Safe! Andrea

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