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The Refuge Center is a Christian organization providing services that promote healthy pregnancy, birth, and lifestyle to encourage abundant life for the entire family regardless of race, religion, or economic status.


Many of the women who visit The Refuge Center come to us with backgrounds of poverty and abuse. Over time, we’ve come to understand the importance of addressing the crisis that compel these women and, in some cases, the fathers of their children, to seek help. Our approach can be broken down into two categories: material needs and education. Meeting the material needs of our clients includes providing free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, maternity and baby clothes, baby food and formula, diapers, and car seats. Education, an important component in overcoming poverty and abuse, includes GED referrals, parenting classes, and mentoring relationships in which trained volunteers meet with new mothers and fathers to help them transition from environments of crisis to one of stability and hope.

The Refuge Center has partnered with Restoration Storehouse
and is currently conducting a capital campaign to raise funds for the build out of our allocated space and transition to Restoration Storehouse.


Restoration Storehouse is a nonprofit community based on similar models existing at City of Refuge and Light House Village. For over a decade, leaders in Rockdale County, Georgia, have been examining ways to create a central location shared by organizations who are committed to more effectively and efficiently serving people in need in the Rockdale County community, leveraging rather than duplicating, reducing transportation challenges, gaining greater access to sources, and going beyond temporary relief to equipping people for sustainability.

To learn more about Restoration Storehouse, please visit

In order to reach our goal of joining the Restoration Storehouse family, The Refuge Center will incur capital costs associated with the physical move and build out of our facility. These costs, estimated at $750,000, include architectural design, permitting, construction of interior space, moving, office furniture, and technology.

The projected construction completion date continues to be impacted by Covid-19 but is expected in 2022.

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