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A Surprise and a Blessing!

Most people think that the families we serve are very young. Years ago the general public would refer to ministries such as Refuge as a “teenage pregnancy center.” Well nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that the majority of the mothers we help are the average age of 22, we do also serve mothers and fathers younger and older than that age group. No matter what stage of life you are in, an unplanned pregnancy can be scary and turn your world upside down.

We recently received an email from a client we served just last year in the crazy year of 2020. What a story she has to share with you…

“It's November 2020. I'm 42 years old and my husband is 45. We have an 18 year old daughter that graduates in May and has earned a scholarship to attend a college in Alabama to play softball. We are on the verge of being empty nesters. Planning on new adventures like downsizing our home and enjoying some traveling. While I should be overwhelmed with happiness, I kept feeling this sense of loss and depression. Loss of my daughter leaving. Thoughts of, ‘Is this all I get Lord? Just the one child?’ But I quickly pushed that thought away because that's just crazy. Me? Pregnant now? My husband and I raising a child now, at our age? Ridiculous!

I'd been suffering from heartburn for about a month and was at the point of going to see a doctor. I thought it odd because the last time I had this symptom was 18 years ago when I was pregnant. But no way could THAT be it. I decided to purchase 2 pregnancy tests to go ahead and rule that out. I came home and my daughter asked me what I had in the bag. Being the Mom that I am, I decided to use this as a teaching opportunity. I wanted her to know that even at my age, married and all, you can still have a pregnancy scare. I took the first test and couldn't believe it when the results were POSITIVE. I quickly took the second one and sure enough the results were the same. I cried out. Noooo!!! Not now! Why not 10 years ago Lord? We are about to be kid free. Really!? Now?? My daughter ran into the room and just held me and cried with me. Here's my child reassuring ME that ‘It's going to be ok Momma’. I felt so lost, scared, unprepared. I didn't want to be pregnant. I couldn't have a baby now. I called my husband at his job to let him in on the unexpected news. “He was stunned. We cried and tossed around the different scenarios. I'm ashamed to admit abortion was on our minds.

I called my best friend next and informed her. I had no idea what steps to take next. We prayed together then she asked if I had ever heard of the Refuge Pregnancy Center. After looking at the website we concluded it would be a great starting point. My husband and I needed Christian counsel immediately. We were able to make an appointment for the next day. I met with one of the counselors and she cried and prayed with me. I shared my thoughts and fears with her while she shared her story. After that my husband and I were able to meet with a Sonogram technician. I didn't think I was that far along but sure enough there was our baby. Perfectly formed, heart beating, small but mighty. We just cried and knew at that moment that we were blessed. There was no choice but to accept God's gift.

The next 8 months went quickly. Refuge was with us the entire time. They provided my husband and I with the perfect couple to encourage, counsel and reassure us. We were able to get much needed refreshers via the learning videos that were provided. The Refuge store allowed us to shop for baby items and help us get excited and prepared for the birth of our child.

As I sit here now, watching my son sleep I am overwhelmed with God's blessings. HE knows exactly what we didn't know we needed. We are forever grateful to the Refuge Pregnancy Center. That sonogram and the staff saved our sons' life. Thank you Refuge. Your name holds true. “

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