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Operation Christmas Baby

Some children wish for toys… others wish for food, clothing & a place to sleep

As we move toward the Christmas season, most of us have memories of Christmas past. Hopefully yours are happy memories of being safe and warm gathered around a tree or table with family and friends. Most of us have the memory of that one present we hoped beyond hope would be under the tree on Christmas morning. After all, everyone wishes for something...right? Ralphy wanted that BB gun, Kevin McCallister wanted his family back, and I wanted a Holly Hobby Easy Bake Oven.

However, all too often here at Refuge we see the youngest children experiencing their first Christmas without warm clothes, enough food or even a place to lay their tiny heads. In an effort to bring awareness to this problem, we have launched "Operation Christmas Baby".

Throughout this past year, because of the generosity of our supporters and friends we have been able to help hundreds of young parents provide some of the necessities for their little ones. However during the busyness of the Holidays our shelves tend to become quite bare. This year is especially difficult. The unpredictable Georgia weather has gone from Summer to Winter without practically any moderate fall temperatures in between.

So if you feel called to a ministry project this Christmas, please share with your family, church group or maybe even your office that there are children in this community that are not wishing for toys. These little one's parents are wishing for food, clothing and maybe even a place to lay there heads.

Here is a list of items that Refuge is hoping to stock up on over the holiday season for our clients...

· Baby Wipes

· Baby Bath Wash

· Hooded towels and wash clothes

· Infant Car Seats (New)

· Cold Weather Outer Wear (Up to 3T)

· Seasonal Clothes (3 months to 3T)

· Infant Formula/Baby Cereal

· Pack and Play(s) and Strollers

So while you are out shopping this Christmas season, if you find yourself in the children's section, think of the baby's in your community. We are open 5 to 6 days a week to drop off your donations. If you would like to help out financially please visit

May God bless you and have a Merry Christmas!

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